Monday, July 11, 2011

Natural Setting

It's times like these that I feel happy.

They make me feel small in the world as if anything going on in my head that would cause harm will fade away. Calmness and happiness overcome instead. All I know is there is a God with images like this created so naturally.
It is the simplicity and the intricate nature of the surroundings that have come to heal me.  I'm increasing thankful of the life I have been given but have this overwhelming need to make change. I'm not sure what kind of change, simply a sense of purpose I suppose. I had someone today say "that without trying and just being who you are, you inspire and encourage lives because you give them hope and direction" 

I don't know how to grasp this concept. It's hard for me to seemingly achieve something with such vast consequences that I didn't even try at. That my mere presence and connection in one's life could make for such a wonderful outcome. Who am I to have such the ability?
I have been praying a lot lately. Praying for growth, direction, and sheer humility. I seek a connection of understanding. I've been laughing a lot more lately, perhaps this is due to someone new that crossed my path recently, perhaps it was just time. Either way I am thankful for this.  

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  1. you've always given me hope and direction...i love you!