Monday, December 3, 2007

Simply Loved

The creative juices only seem to truly flow for me when I cannot consciously wrap my mind around a problem, a sadness or a failure.

I find at this moment I have none of those. Unless you count exhaustion from life a problem. No matter how much I complain, I love it.

I was the cynical believer in love and life. Given previous experiences those close to me could gather why… I find now that perhaps, scratch that, I find that now what I deep down always wanted to believe…I have managed to grasp and hold on to.

My Bobby stopped at the gas station at 3am last Saturday. We had just closed the pub and I was tired and starving. He came back with: "A pizza, a cookie for dessert, a sandwich in case you didn't like the pizza, and donuts, I know how you said you have been wanting donuts with sprinkles and I got extra so you can take one to work too"

I couldn't help but smile.